Leson TW 232

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Make: Leson
Type: base
Modes: amplify and compression
9 d.c.
Price Range:
People knew when you were using a Leson TW232, it had it's own distinctive sound, some would say tinny but matched to the correct radio, you would boom out. Even with your signal arriving at a distant station with a low signal strength, your audio would still get through. So sensitive you could actually hear a pin drop. The microphone had such a reputation, copies were also produced. You will rarely purchase a TW 232 with the battery door as it was so thin and the 9 volt battery was such a tight fit, that the battery door would split and fall off.  If you were quite vigorous with the lock lever, it would snap the PTT bar, thus making it difficult to key up your radio, but if you know about these things, you should be able to take care of your Leson.
Manual: TW-232 Specifications and Wiring