Reace RS-107 "TEST MASTER"

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RS 107

Model: RS-107
Band: 27Mhz
Modes: PWR, SWR, Modulation and RFS.
Price Range:
The Reace RS-107 was probably the more professional of the CB test sets around. Powered by a 9 volt battery, it was known as the "Test-Master". It could carry out most of the normal CB tests, but had the added features were you could also select a crystal on a specific channel, and generate a signal to test your CB reciever, not only that, it could also transmit a 1khz tone so you could hear it through your CB speaker, whilst also testing how good your crystal was. It had three transmit power ranges, 10, 100 and up to 1000 Watts, as well as your transmit modulation percentage. A very rare find today. Sold through Bail Electronics.